Registration will be done prior and also will be done in any place as suggested by the coordinator. Event will be done in a particular time frame. So that the participants should be on the given time.

1. The event is purely based on remembering ability of the participants.

2. The event has two parts, In First part, participants have to list out the images shown. Those who are selected in the first part ( those who have identified maximum number of images) will be qualified for the second round.

3. In second round, participants need to find the missing lines for the songs played, those who first response for identifying will be asked to answer first, if the person fails next participant will be called.

4. Decision made by organizers will be final


1. Participants should not list out while the images are displayed.

2. Participants should not discuss among others while event is going on.

3. Any sort of malpractice found, then the team/person will be eliminated.

4. Maximum no .of.participant- 3